Activewear - The Quarter Masters
The Quarter Masters is a unisex streetwear brand from Folkestone, England. Pretty much everything we sell is designed and printed by us, in our shop.
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We’ve taken the ‘DROP’ element out of The Quarter Masters traditional logo, and made it the much-deserved focus of our activewear collection.


The ‘DROP’ has over the years been used to represent the ink we print our clothing with, and the filthy human fluids that we’ve spilled along the way. The blood, the tears, and —in this case— the sweat.


The collection is designed to keep you as comfortable as possible while you’re getting your sweat on. That’s because each of the key pieces are made of a luxurious, silky-feel, triblend fabric.


Here comes the science:


As its name suggests, tri-blend fabric is a combination of three different materials. Cotton provides the softness. Polyester, a synthetic fabric made from plastic, adds increased strength and flexibility. Viscose (or Rayon) is a semi-synthetic fiber created from natural polymers and cellulose, which contributes extra softness and a cool, refreshing feel.


Triblend fabric gives you the best qualities of all three materials, resulting in clothes that feel lovely against the skin, drape beautifully, and wash really well. Plus, since synthetic fibers don’t absorb moisture, sweat tends to evaporate instead of weighing you down.


So when you’re getting ready to get active, always read the label, and always choose a triblend instead of 100% cotton, which will stick to you like a warm wet flannel.


We’ve also developed our activewear range with the low-key gym goer in mind. You basically want to get in and get out, without making a scene. That’s why your base options are heather dark grey or black.


And the ‘DROP’ embellishment is deliberately subtle by default, presented in a cool matt black. It’s barely there on the charcoal pieces, and virtually unnoticeable on the black ones. But if you know, then you know…


Finally, the collection is completely customisable. You can personalise it to fit your tastes.


If you’d like the ‘DROP’ in a different colour, to match your statement trainers —white, gold, neon pink, or whatever you like— leave us a note when you checkout and we’ll make it especially for you.


Grab your new favourite gym gear right here, and go work up a sweat.